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Pooxtra Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 1000W 4 AC Outlets 12V DC to 110V 120V AC True Sine Wave Car Inverter with Dual USB Ports and Remote Control (Surge 2000W)

Model No. PXA1000PSW
Countries Available :  ☑ USA   ☑ Canada  ☑ Mexico  ☑ Puerto Rico  ☑ Panama  ☑ Cuba  ☑ Brazil (120v)

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Pooxtra Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 1000W 4 AC Outlets 12V DC to 110V 120V AC True Sine Wave Car Inverter with Dual USB Ports and Remote Control (Surge 2000W)
Pooxtra Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 1000W 4 AC Outlets 12V DC to 110V 120V AC True Sine Wave Car Inverter with Dual USB Ports and Remote Control (Surge 2000W)Pooxtra Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 1000W 4 AC Outlets 12V DC to 110V 120V AC True Sine Wave Car Inverter with Dual USB Ports and Remote Control (Surge 2000W)Pooxtra Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 1000W 4 AC Outlets 12V DC to 110V 120V AC True Sine Wave Car Inverter with Dual USB Ports and Remote Control (Surge 2000W)Pooxtra Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 1000W 4 AC Outlets 12V DC to 110V 120V AC True Sine Wave Car Inverter with Dual USB Ports and Remote Control (Surge 2000W)Pooxtra Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 1000W 4 AC Outlets 12V DC to 110V 120V AC True Sine Wave Car Inverter with Dual USB Ports and Remote Control (Surge 2000W)Pooxtra Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 1000W 4 AC Outlets 12V DC to 110V 120V AC True Sine Wave Car Inverter with Dual USB Ports and Remote Control (Surge 2000W)Pooxtra Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 1000W 4 AC Outlets 12V DC to 110V 120V AC True Sine Wave Car Inverter with Dual USB Ports and Remote Control (Surge 2000W)
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  • Pure sine wave/True sine wave inverter

  • 1000W continuous/2000W surge

  • DC Input: 12V / AC Output :120V

  • Frequency : 60Hz

  • 4 AC receptacles (US standard)

  • Dual USB ports (4.2A)

  • MCU LED display 

  • Wired remote control (9.8ft in length)

  • 5AWG, 40.9in Battery cables

  • 16AWG, 40.5in Ground cable

  • User manual (English/Español) 

  • Color box packing


  • Converts DC 12V to AC 110V 120V household wall power with continuous 1000 Watts output ( 2000Watts surge capability), features with 4 AC receptacles, dual 4.2A USB ports and a wired remote control (9.8ft in length) .

  • Delivers ultra-clean Pure Sine Wave output that is identical to AC power supplied by your utility ,improves AC equipment performance, ideal for Televisions,Audio Systems, Variable Speed Tools, Laser Printers, Laptops, CPAP ,and more.

  • Uses MCU (Microprogrammed Control Unit) as data process with bulit-in intellectualized LED display(mounted on the top cover) for monitoring actual working status of Pooxtra car power inverter. 

  • Soft start and L.T.I technology, with both load controlled and temperature controlled coolers (switch on immediately by connecting the AC loads which are over 500W or run only when the internal temperature of inverter gets to 50℃ if the loads are less than 500W .)

  • Protection features: over temperature shutdown and automatic overload protection , over voltage and under voltage protection , less voltage audible alarm ,short circuit protection , AC ground terminal, new design DC terminals offer high current DC input (hooked securely) .

  • What you get : 1xGiftbox , 1x1000W Pure Sine Inverter, 1xUser Manual, 1xRemote Control, 1 Set of Battery Cables(1xRed,1xBlack),1xGND Ground Wire, 1xDC Terminal Wrench & Screws.

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☑ Output power(continuous): 1000W
☑ Maximum Active Surge Rating (less than 1sec) :2000W
☑ Maximum AC current for each receptacle :8.33 Amps
☑ AC output voltage (at no load) :120 VAC +/-3V
☑ Output frequency: 60Hz +/-1Hz
☑ Output waveform: True/Pure sine wave (<3% THD)
☑ Conversion efficiency : ≥86% (12V DC) / ≥89% (24V DC)
☑ No load current draw (DC side) <0.6 Amps

For more details, please click here to download the Datasheet . 

If you'd like to learn some basic knowledge about power inverter ,just move to our navigation menu and click "Inverter Academy" to study. 

Also you could find the menu of " Inverter Q&A" where there are lots of different questions and answers to be dug into. 

Could I use this to run a small microwave that draws 900 W?

No, we don't suggest you to do it. For random use it may be Ok, but it's not a good solution in the long run. The startup power of 900w microwave may go over 1800w or 2000w which requires higher output inverter ,such as 1500w or 2000w unit. 

My refrigerador Run at 60 hz well be power with this inverter?

We strongly suggest you to check the rate power of your refrigerator then decide if our 1000W pure sine inverter is available for you or not. Our Inverter for US market runs at 60HZ .

Is the ground wire from the ac outlets internally wired to the dc ground post? or will i need to tie the ac ground back to the battery neutral?

Don't do it like this way.  Just hook the ground cable by one end to the terminal and another end to the earth or grounding pole.

Could I mount this safely under the rear seat in a pickup truck?

You need to measure the size before you buy it . There are 4 mounting holes on the inverter . And please be careful of ventilation when you mount it under the rear seat.

Referring to the 1000w pure sine wave inverter, is the battery negative and AC output neutral/ground bonded together?thanks in advance.

I do not know this answer, best directed to the seller or manufacturer. Manual does not say and there is no schematic included. I just installed this unit to my Toyota Prius a few days ago. I test ran it with a 1000w heater for about 20 minutes. Car and inverter performed perfectly. The inverter became slightly warm to the touch, fans cycled on and off as specified. This is really a nice match for a Hybrid car.
Fred R. Elias answered on November 9, 2017

I am considering this item. i will need to support about 500 watts from deep cycle batteries. i currently have two 102 ah batteries in parrallel.

It's no problem at all to run 500watts appliance if you buy our 1500W Pure Sine Inverter . Remember, the DC battery should be 12V , and you can connect it in parrallel to double the battery capacity.

I would not use batteries rated in ah or deep cycle. Get Golf cart batteries. You can wire two in series for 12 volts and parallel the two's to reach the power level needed. If you cannot get Golf Cart batteries then the marine deep cycle, they would be the my second choice.
Carey answered on November 12, 2017

Can i use this on a boat

Yes, you can use it in any places just if you have a 12V DC source.
Kind Regards

I have never used it on a boat however our house is on the ocean and the unit does work well. If you were to place it unprotected in an open area on a boat I would be concerned about water splashing on it so I would recommend using it in an enclosed area.
Ward Q. answered on November 9, 2017

I would find one that is meant to be specifically used in marine applications. After trying out this inverter I would not use it on a boat or in any application. It's not a pure sign wave inverter! It's JUNK!
Amazonian answered on November 8, 2017

If the inverter auto shuts down at 10.5V will it auto turn back on when above 10.5V? (For remote solar install)

When the inverter has a low input voltage shutdown protection, you need to reopen it manually .

Hello, Im very interested in buying the 1000 watt version, do I need to buy an external 200 amp fuse for extra security?Thanks

Hello, Im very interested in buying the 1000 watt version, do I need to buy an external 200 amp fuse for extra security?Thanks

I'm having issues with my current inverter, mainly it shuts off at 11.9 volts which robs me of watt hours. what is the minimum voltege?

1. Could you please tell me the current inverter you are using is from Novopal brand ?
2. Our inverter's low voltage shutdown is around 10-10.5V .
3. What kind of battery do you use ? Is it a deep cycle or marine battery or Li-ion ?
Please send email to for more technical details.

Sorry my friend,I just got mine and haven't used it on a side job yet. I am no help ,sorry.
Ronald D Berko answered on November 1, 2017 

At what voltage does it go into over voltage protection?

When the input voltage goes over 15V there is an audible alert and the inverter will shut down .

If the inverter auto shuts down at 10.5V will it auto turn back on when above 10.5V? (For remote solar install)

Our maximum over voltage protection is 15V-15.5V, for 14V input it's no problem .

What is the size of the actual unit? It seems as if the listed size is of smaller than the 1000w version which makes no sense. Thanks in advance!

We are sorry to make such mistake, the actual size of 1500W is a bit longer than 1000W, we will correct it immediately.
Thank you again for your support. 

Can this behioked up permanently to car battery? Willit drain the battery?

This is ideal for home solar is why I purchased it! True sin wave inverter is for running appliances, less noise they say. I have been using this for a 400 W home Solar system for pole barn 12V to 120V AC. Great so far, does put a continued drain on Battery, but my system is charging 9 hours a day and has on/oFF switch and wired remote switch, not a wireless remote. I would look for automotive inverters maybe less in cost and better on/off controls true Wireless remotes.
By Amazon Customer on October 17, 2017

could someone please tell what battery I need with this-thank you

You need a 12V DC battery to power this inverter . What size battery you want to use is depending on what appliance you are going to drive .
Or you can hook this inverter up to your car battery for short time useage ,but you need to buy a clamp type cable.

I run 3 12 volt deep cycle
Amazon Customer answered on October 9, 2017

If the inverter auto shuts down at 10.5V will it auto turn back on when above 10.5V? (For remote solar install)

Yes, our inverter only works with 12V DC battery , if you have a 24v battery, you need to buy a voltage converter or just buy a inverter with 24v input.

How to conect solare in it ?

To connect solar power into your inverter, you need to buy a solar controller first, this is a bit complicated system ,you'd better to consult your local distributor or you can go to Google to search how to use solar power system to charge your inverter.

Can it last long for 10 hrs or more?

There is no battery built into this unit. It is dependent on the size of the battery you attach it to.
17 miles answered on October 8, 2017

The running time depends on how big your DC battery is ,and depends on what kind of household appliance you use . For example, if you use 12V 100Ah battery, and you are connecting 100W Laptop , then it can last around 8.6 hours .

Most likely no.
Here's how to calculate.
A 1 amp load on the 120 AC side of the inverter equates to a 10 amp load on the 12 volt D.C. Side.
Check the amp hour rating of your battery.
With the above mentioned load you would drain the battery st a rate of 10 amps/ hour or 100 amp hours in a 10 hour period.
Hope that is helpful...

How conected. It to tv

One end of the inverter is connected to a battery, the other end has plugs like a wall socket so you plug your tv to into one of the sockets
By Malcolm Roe on October 7, 2017

Will this run (6) 200 watt lithium-ion battery chargers?

(6) x200 =1200 watt, so I don't see why not. Don't turn all of them on at once.
Robert B. answered on October 1, 2017

Yes, this is a 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter which is workable for your 200W Li-ion battery chargers.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know.

Have a good day !
Novopal Direct

What temperature the fan start working?

Our cooling fans are working with thermal-controlled solution , they start working when the temperature is over 113℉(around), it keeps quiet for lower wattage household appliances.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know.
Have a good day
Novopal Direct

Would this unit be efficient for an off-grid solar system using a 50ah lithium ion battery?

It will work but bear in mind that absent dc input a 12volt a 50ah battery only provides 600 watts for 1 hour at best. I have not used the unit as part of my solar set up yet but plan on running it off of a 114Ah lead acid deep cycle battery or 2 preferably. The unit appears to well built and it worked when I hooked it up to make sure it powered up to 120volts.
By Margaret G. on September 7, 2017

Can the inverted be used when the charge controller for the battery is on?

Yes, as long as the output voltage from the charger is greater than 10.5 volts
Kenneth answered on August 31, 2017

We would not recommend that you do this at the same time, because it would cause a low-loss for your battery and charge controller, even the inverter. Please uses inverter when your battery is full charged. Hope that will help you. 

Can you use a cigarette lighter adapter, and hence the car's power system, to power the inverter?

If you use the cig lighter socket you will be limited to approximately 150 watts max out of the inverter as the cig lighter socket is current limited ( guessing 20 amps max). At continuous rated output power the inverter requires around 100 amps dc at the input terminals. At that current, the dc input wiring and connectors must be sized appropriately. I connect mine to a Minn Kota power center that contains a deep cycle battery. The power center is "fused" at 60 amps continuous. Thats 720 watts. If I require more power I parallel another two power centers together. Hope this helps.
Amazon Customer answered on August 26, 2017

Dear customer, sorry for the delay in response for your question. You could not use a cigarette lighter adapter to power the inverter, because the cigarette lighter adpter is too small to charge our inverter, do not plug this inverter in cig lighter outlet ,otherwise you'd blow the cig lighter fuse. ALWAYS run this inverter wired straight to the storage battery . Hope that will help you.

Can i supply dc to this unit from the dc output of a standard gas generator?

Dear customer, sorry for the delay in response for your question. If you want to conect with a standard gas generator to this unit, please make sure the gas generator output is 12V, and must be use our suppied wire cable to connect. Hope that will help you.

If the inverter auto shuts down at 10.5V will it auto turn back on when above 10.5V? (For remote solar install)

the cut off point could not adjusted by yourself, because the requirement of the cut off point is standard and more accepted by normal customer. Also, if the battery's power below 11.5v, it could not drive our power inverter. Whether battery will be damage, it depend on your outside battery , you could feel free to contact your battery's manufacturer. Hope that will help you.

You state: "1000w pure sine wave power inverter could not operate a 1000w ac appliance." what other specification do you fraudulently misrepresent?

Dear customer, thanks for your question and we will try our best to answer your question. Because more power is needed to actuate a 1000W ac appliance than to maintain a given state.We'll never cheat or mislead our value customer, hope that will help you, thank you.

For 1000W "pure' sinewave model, what is the duty cycle for operation of output at 8.33A and 16.66A?

Dear Para, thanks for your question and sorry for the delay in response to your qustion. We could not understand your qustion clearly. Actually, 1000W pure sine wave power inverter could not output 16.66A current, it is 120V output-voltage power inverter, When the output current is 16.66A, there will be more large power to drive(The power should be 2000W), if possible, would you mind explaining your question clearly, we will try our best to ask and help you. Thank you

For the 1000W "pure" sinewave model, what is the Total Harmonic Distortion at the 1000W rated output and the 2000W surge output?

Dear customer, sorry for the delay in response to your qustion, for the 1000W pure sine wave power inverter, total harmonic distortion (THD) is not only the function of duty cycle, but also with response to load's type, and total harmonic distortion below 3%, hope that will help you.

Can this unit be wall mounted or is it just a table top inveter?

Dear customer, thanks for your question and we're so sorry that gave your a wrong information about this question before, sorry for this mistake and any inconvenience. Our power inverter could be mounted on the wall, you could also check the detail information on this listing page, hope that will help you.

If the inverter auto shuts down at 10.5V will it auto turn back on when above 10.5V? (For remote solar install)

Yes it will easily run a laptop on one battery. My friend has used it to run his well pump using a 45 amp optima batt which the pump is probably 4 times the draw of a laptop. Sorry, since we do not run it without a load i cannot answer that part of your question but typically these devices are quite efficient and idle less than .5ah.
Malcolm Roe answered on August 15, 2017

No load current is about 2 amp/hrs.
Add the current of the laptop and divide the amp/hr rating of the deep cycle battery.
It will operate for quite a long time before the battery is discharged...
ken answered on August 16, 2017

tested it under no-load conditions (the 1000W version), and it showed 0.27A on my DMM from a 12V battery. I suspect results may vary with version and manufacturing lot - but that's what I saw this evening. The manual suggests it could be more. It says the "static working current" is
Optimist answered on November 3, 2017

Does anyone have any data regarding interferance on Ham Radio ?

Dear customer, thanks for your question and sorry for the delay in response to your question. Of cause there will be a slight interferes with ham radio, but we do not have a specific data now, we will offer it later, sorry for your inconvenience.

What is the actually current that the inverter draws from 12vdc when operating at 1000w ac? looking to see what the conversion loss is?

Dear customer, as for your question, our 1000W pure sine wave power inverter could not operate a 1000W AC appliance. 1000W inverter could be operated at 700W ac. Also the conversion of currents also depend on the conversion rate of outside battery(80%)and power inverter(90%), so in theory, the actually current that the inverter draws from 12V DC when operating at 1000W AC is 83A, the current that operating at 700W AC is 58A. But actually, the actually current would affected by the conversion rate of power inverter and battery, the current is about 81A when operating at 700W AC. We don't suggest that you use 1000W pure sine wave to operate your 1000W electric appliance, hope that will help you.

Can this be used with a 12v wind turbine?

Actually, our power inverter need to connect with a stable 12V DC outside battery, so the 12V wind turbine could be charge for an outside battery but could not directly connect with our 1500W pure sine wave power inverter. Hope that will help you.

Can i run a 900 watt vaccum cleaner with this if yes then fr how long

Yes, our 1500 Watt pure sine wave power inverter could be run a 900 watt vacum cleaner well, and the operation time depends on the outside battery's power. When the outside battery in less voltage or low voltage, the buzzer would make alarms and cut off the output automatically. Hope that will help you.

At what voltage does it shut down for low voltage?

The power inverter buzzer makes interrupted alarms when input DC voltage goes to 10.5~11V under less voltage alarm system,the green LED indicator light flashes slowly to remind you need to charge the storage battery. When input DC voltage goes below 10.5V, the bazzer makes a warning signal and the green LED indicator light flashes fast in low voltage protection. When input voltage goes below 10V, the inverter will cut off the output automatically to pretect your storage battery from destroying. Hope that will help you.

does it plug into a regular outlet for recharging?

Thank you for your question. This inverter doesn't have built-in battery , therefore, it can't be rechargeable, you have to wire this inverter straight directly to the extra storage battery to generate AC output.

What's the biggest different from between modified sine wave and pure sine wave

Thank you for your interesting in our product. We have a very detailed FAQ handbook if you buy our inverter and out of there you can see clearly the difference between them . Here I'd like to give you some general ideas:
Advantages of Pure Sine Wave inverters over modified sine wave inverters :
a) output voltage wave form is pure sine wave with very low harmonic distortion and clean power like utility-supplied electricity .
b) inductive loads like microwave ovens and motors run faster, quieter, and cooler.
c) reduces audible and electrical noise in fans, fluorescent lights, audio amplifiers, Tv, Game consoles, Fax, and answering machines.
d) prevents crashes in computers, weird print out, and glitches and noise in monitors
e) reliably powers the following devices that will normally not work with modified sine wave inverters :
laser printers, photocopiers, magneto-optical hard drives, certain laptop computers, some fluorescent lights with electronic ballasts, power tools employing solid state power or variable speed control, some battery chargers for cordless tools, some new furnaces and pellet stoves with microprocessor control.
Modified sine wave works well for most uses, and is the most common type of inverter on the market, as well as the most economical .

Q: will this work with 4 solar panels 100 watts each,& 12v 100ah battery?

Yes it depends the size of the solar charger.....but it would be better to work with 2 solar charger @40 amps each. I bought one solar that would charge 100 ampere battery and it works fine....
Ghanshyam Singh answered on November 5, 2017

Yes sir I have 5 100 watts solar panels and 4 12v 100 ah batteries and it works very well
steven hamilton answered on November 5, 2017

Can i use this inverter for running a small microwave oven? it pulls 850 watts.

highly unlikely. mine is 2k surge watts and wont even run a refrigerator
By bob smith on October 18, 2017

I'm looking to replace the inverter in my '97 trek rv. would this be suitable to that purpose?

It may not have enough capacity.
By Donald P. on October 3, 2017

Any recommendations for cover(s) to protect the battery terminal lugs from accidental shorting?

I have made my own safety clip , that keeps the wires apart from each other. Plus extra always try and tie down the 2 wires to a secure surfaces with plastic wire ties .stops any movement.
Amazon Customer answered on September 26, 2017

Do I need a circuit breaker after the inverter (between inverter and load)?

 don't use one unless I am going over 6 or 700 watts of a.c. draw. Use your own parameters...
johnny a. answered on September 23, 2017

No. The inverter already has fuses onboard. It is a good idea, however, to have a high-amp (I use 250A) circuit breaker between the inverter and the 12v battery. For more info, call the PowerTechON technical support number in your instructions. They are VERY knowledgeable and helpful.
Guitarman answered on September 28, 2017

Will this store any power? My battery won't get here before Irma hits.

No it does not store power is just a inverter from 12 volt to AC
Mark answered on September 11, 2017

No it does not store power.
Al answered on September 9, 2017

No. You have to have this hooked up to a battery or batteries for it to work. You can purchase a deep cycle battery to use.
Shirley answered on September 8, 2017

Will this inverter work with Lithium Ion Battery(s)?

It will. As long as the input voltage of the inverter matches the lithium battery voltage.
By Deb on August 29, 2017

I have one 12 volt deep cycle battery. If fully charged, will it run a coffee pot periodically and charge a couple phones? And for how long? Thanks

Yes it will charge a couple of phones and a coffee maker. I would think all weekend long. Depends on you battery.
By Deb Jones on August 25, 2017

I reversed positive and negative when I connected the inverter. Have I just fried my inverter?

Not necessarily. Your inverter contains 4 on-board fuses, which are probably blown and will have to be replaced (they are standard automotive fuses). You access these fuses through the side panel of the inverter -- I believe it is the side with the AC jack, and there are a few screws to remove. That may be all it will take; but, if not, the number for PowerTechON technical support is in your instructions. They are English-speaking (located in the U.S.), fast, and very 

Anyone know the gage (awg) on the red and black cables

They seems like #6. I replaced them whith #2
alphagc1 answered on August 14, 2017

4 awg little bit small to run full capacity
steven hamilton answered on August 14, 2017

What is the input voltage range?

The input voltage range is 10.6 - 16V D.C.
Please feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.

Can this inverter handle 480a input. (12x1000w or 2000w peek) says yes. also, prudence says use 500a fuse between battery-n-inverter? comments?

We recommend you do not run over 10 feet with a minimum wire gauge of 4 with 125 amp fuse or breaker. Wire longer than 10 feet would require a larger gauge.

How long is the wires on the power switch and also. I aussume the red and black cables are 12 inches long?

The switch cord is about 12 feet and the red and black cords are about 2 and 1/2 (2.5) feet long.
Melanie answered on July 30, 2017

No, from my memory at least 2 feet long, may be 3. not sure.
Vladimir Grishin answered on July 31, 2017

15 ft. The cables are 24 inches. 

Can you obtain a replacement remote switch for this inverter? If so how? Who can I contact?

I hope your unit lasted longer than the two weeks mine did. I went back to the Xantrex units I already had. A little more money but no issues and easy to get parts. If you want my remote from this unit which I didn't use, contact
Franklin D. answered on August 10, 2017

Yes, please contact our customer support.

Is there any reason i can't remove the ac outlet portion and wire it directly to an ac circuit breaker?

Our units are wired by factory, we can not authorize any altercations of wiring. Alterations to the units results in loss of warranty.

can i connect a mini friger on it?

depends on the wattage of the fridge
cfsolutions answered on July 22, 2017

As long as it is within the inverter's wattage, yes. 

Can I install this on a vertical surface or must it be horizontal.?

Yes, this can be used on a vertical or horizontal surface.

Yes you can install on a vertical surface.
Amazon Customer answered on July 17, 2017

What size are the lugs that connect to the inverter? Are they 3/8" or 5/16ths"?

The terminal post is 9/32" so a 5/16" ring terminal is what you want to use. The contact area of he pad is 1/2"
Kpthook answered on October 12, 2017

They are both 5/16" lugs.
Tim Edrington answered on September 21, 2017

Can this be mounted under the hood of my Silverado? Or does it need to be inside the cab?

I suppose it could be, but I don't know where you would mount it. Additionally, it gets hot under the hood, yoi may end up with heat related problems with it.
Brent Smith answered on May 26, 2017

My application for this inverter is on a boat but it is located in the battery compartment that is inside the cabin. If the unit remains dry it could be mounted under the hood, but in my estimation it would be safer to mount inside the cabin.
Ted Rothrock answered on May 27, 2017

I would mount it inside the cab..There's too much dust and water under the hood...
johnny a. answered on May 26, 2017

500w per outlet or 1000w total?

1000 watts total
manuel soltero answered on February 5, 2017

I haven't tried to draw more than 500w as of yet, there are 2 outlets, I believe you can draw the full 1000w from one?
Gopherm16 answered on February 6, 2017

Call Pete at Power Tech-ON, phone is 844-539-7991. He is one of their tech guys.
Robert F. Kent answered on February 5, 2017

The one I bought was used. I did not get an information sheet with it..I would recommend 500 watts on each outlet to be on the safe side..That would add up to 1000 watts total on the inverter....
johnny a. answered on February 5, 2017

If the inverter auto shuts down at 10.5V will it auto turn back on when above 10.5V? (For remote solar install)

I haven't tried that, but I strongly suspect you will have to reset the device?
By Gopherm16 on January 15, 2017

How many amps does it draw when idle? trying to figure out if i can just leave this thing on all of the time in my rv.

I have left it on overnight and the battery was fine the next day.
Amazon Customer answered on October 27, 2016

I could not find that for this particular model, but found other pure sine wave generators in this size range that say that in idle mode the current is from 0.5 amps to 1.5 amps. I have wired the remote switch into my trailer, so I do switch it off at the end of the day. Yes, if your TV/playback systems do not have battery backups, you have to reset the time, etc. Leaving it on during the night would use about 180 watts with no load. I have 200watt panels, so it would cost me about 1 hour of my charge time during the day to leave it on for 10 hours of darkness. Since I have nothing else on during the day, I could probably just leave it on, but have not done so yet. Been very please with the unit thus far.
Steven R. answered on October 28, 2016

I don't know. Mine has been hooked up for a year with the intention of using in an emergency. However when turned on two days ago the power light came on and no ac output. The company won't stand by their product because they tell me the warranty expired September 28. This really upset me. I won't do business with them again unless they make this right.
dave answered on October 27, 2016

I would turn it off you not using it for an extended period of time
Mark answered on October 28, 2016

Is the user / instruction manual available online? Thanks :)

instruction manual is not to overload unit with to much so figure out what you want to power and go with a unit bigger than drawing .
By Roger on October 15, 2016

Is there a on/off switch on the unit which allows it to be turned on if I choose not to use the remote start of if something happens to the remote?

Yes, there is a off-on button on the front panel...
Steven R. answered on October 14, 2016

Yes, I'm not using the remote.
H. Quimby answered on October 13, 2016

Yes there is a on/off buttom on the front of unit
Ts answered on October 14, 2016

Yes there is an on and off switch included with the inverter. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. 

this thing beeps and shows "protect" mode when plugging in a 700w max draw refrigertor. Is that normal? It won't power the fridge

I use mine for a PlayStation in my car. I haven't used it for anything else
Amazon Customer answered on October 11, 2016

Do you know what the start-up surge is on the fridge? Many pull twice the nameplate wattage during startup for a few seconds. Also how heavy are your cables and do you have enough battery. The beeper comes on when the voltage drops. You should size everything for the 2000 watt surge rating. I used 2 ga. cable. It runs my 900W coffee pot and the TV at the same time in the morning.
Amazon Customer answered on October 12, 2016

Does this inverter autostarts after a low voltage shutdown, or does it require a manual restart.

The inverter will automatically shut down when the input DC voltage is lower than 10V. The buzzer will whistle continuously and the green light is off red light on. You will have to turn off the inverter and use it after recharge battery. Short answer : Manual restart. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

If the inverter auto shuts down at 10.5V will it auto turn back on when above 10.5V? (For remote solar install)

The inverter draws .5-.9 amps when in standby mode. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Does it have to be mounted flat or can it be on it's side?

It doesn't matter mines upside down.
Gordon J. answered on August 10, 2016

Having the inverter on it's side should work best. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

I'd ask the manufacturer, but it appears to me to need to be laying flat
Dan Claymore answered on August 10, 2016

The inverter can be mounted in any position as far as i know; unless there is a tilt switch in it! try it and make sure you can get power out
Amazon Customer answered on August 10, 2016

Does this supply the full continuous power through one three prong plug if only one plug is used, or does it split the power between all the plugs

You can take all the power from one plug.
J. Krutsch answered on July 29, 2016

In agreement with with previous answer, you take 1000W from one outlet. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Is there a flush mount remote? The white plastic one supplied looks really cheap? I notice cobra makes one, RJ6 may be different

The remote I got is a surface mount unit... It is 2x2x1& 1/4 inches...It would mount to a sheet rock wall with standard plastic anchors and screws.. It has approx. 12-15 feet of rj-4 Telephone cord with snap in connections..It does turn the unit off and on remotely..
johnny a. answered on July 28, 2016

The side buttons are for removal to access the screws that hold the cover in place...
You could remove the cover to mark the mounting wall for the attachment screws..Or to more securely tighten the screws to the wall..
Deb answered on September 3, 2016

Can I wire it directly into a circuit breaker in my 5th wheel? Will it disconnect when shore power is attached . Will shore power damage itt?

No it won't disconnect u cn wire it to circuit breaker but u will hv to unplug it when on shore pwr it would be easier to just plug ur shore pwr into inverter that's what I recommend. U can buy a switch to do it as well but not cheep
Gordon J. answered on June 24, 2016

if shore power is 12 to 14 volts it will probably work ok but if it is 24 volt it wont!
Amazon Customer answered on June 24, 2016

It's 12 volts in, battery bank to unit, outputs ac, or 12 volts line out lower amps, say 10, for 12 volt gear. Read up on the unit in ratings. Download manual.
Black hat. answered on June 24, 2016

Does it have to be mounted flat or can it be on it's side?

There is a reset button on the inverter. When I used the reset button the inverter blew up.
Amazon Customer answered on June 7, 2016

I will never do business with them again they voided my warranty because I use Loctite on the terminal fasten the cable to the unit. And all I wanted from them was 2 purchase to new terminals so that I can install them so I can use different cables. But they void my warranty and I gave them an option 2 undo that before I gave them bad publicity to anyone else looking to purchase their products so buyer beware they will screw you if they get the chance
JEROME MAISEL answered on June 7, 2016

I will never do business with them again they voided my warranty because I use Loctite on the terminal fasten the cable to the unit. And all I wanted from them was 2 purchase to new terminals so that I can install them so I can use different cables. But they void my warranty and I gave them an option 2 undo that before I gave them bad publicity to anyone else looking to purchase their products so buyer beware they will screw you if they get the chance
JEROME MAISEL answered on June 7, 2016 

How many amps does this inverter use to power itself?

I have not connected an ammeter in series with the 12 volt lead to the power source...I would only be able to guess about 1/2 amp for the inverter itself....
By johnny a. on May 23, 2016

What is the purpose of the small grounding connection and how should it be connected? Does the large negative (-) terminal server this function?

The grounding connection is used to connect the chassis of the inverter to your vehicle's chassis however it is not required. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Re..the low voltage protection. Does the inverter automatically disconnect from the battery when it detects a low voltage condition? at what voltage?

It is supposed to shut down at 10 volts, but I haven't used it yet, so I can only say what I have read.
RG Saran answered on April 13, 2016

It cuts off the supply to the load and makes a very loud high pitched noise to let you know!
Gopherm16 answered on April 20, 2016

The Input Voltage range is 10~16V DC and the Input under voltage activation is 10.6V DC. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

anyone try powering a full size refrigerator with this unit also is this unit 1500 continuous or 1000 watt

This inverter is 1000 watt continuous. It depends on the amp draw on the refrigerator, if you can get that information for me, we will let you know.

Personally I will never buy another product from them again. I used Loctite on the positive and negative post and I contacted them about sending me a new post they voided my warranty. I have nothing good to say about them
JEROME MAISEL answered on March 31, 2016

I successfully ran my 18 cu. ft. refrigerator with this unit. Note that there are several sizes of the "Pure Sine Inverter" and I am talking about the one that's rated as 1000 Watt continuous (as indicated on the box). My refrigerator draws about 130 Watts steady state, but the startup power is substantially higher, and inverters with lower power ratings wouldn't work. The "Pure Sine" wave output of this inverter, as opposed to the "modified sine" wave of some other inverters, is a big improvement -- no loud buzzing and odd noises like you can get using modified sine wave inverters.

yes if inverter is pur sin wave. refrigerator moters do not like modifited sin wave. most refigerators use about 300-400 wats. look on data plat for watge and voltage. good lock. larry
Amazon Customer answered on April 1, 201

It says it s 1000 ways continuous. Have no powered a fridge with it, just two key cutting machines.
Herman B. answered on March 30, 2016

Refrigerators and freezers are hard starting loads for inverters. Stalled motor problems have always plagued the inverter designer. I would not recommend this product for this application.
Charles Sublett answered on March 31, 2016

can you use inverter in a solar panel system

Yes, as long as you have a Deep Cycle Battery to feed it.
RG Saran answered on March 17, 2016

Inverters convert DC to AC. If you hook the inverter cables to the DC source coming from the solar panels (usually batteries), it will convert the DC to AC at the inverter outlet.
Kindle Customer answered on March 18, 2016

When I purchased the inverter, it was my intention to use it with my solar panels on my rv.
I ended up hard wiping it to my rv's engine battery to produce ac power throughout the cabin of the rv.
TD answered on March 18, 2016

Not directly, but with use of a battery bank you can use the solar panel system. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Yes you must have an inverter to convert the 12 volt storage bank to 115 volt household current. Be sure you buy a PURE SINE WAVE Inverter. Most of the cheaper inverters are modified sine wave.
Glenn Allen Layman answered on March 19, 2016

Definitely. I am using one and it works great. I do notice a drain on the batteries if the inverter is on without using any AC power. Unit needs to be turned off when not in use.
Dale Elliott answered on April 13, 2016

Can I plug this into a regular DC outlet with a cigarette type plug?

Yes you could, but you would only be able to run a small load from it!!! Anything remotely near the max output would likely overload the circuit, which could potentially star a fire. Better to connect it directly to the battery with suitably sized cables an fuse
Gopherm16 answered on March 15, 2016

Your going to need a lot heavier wire for 1000 watts. If you were running a phone charger or computer maybe. I can run my 300 watt converter that way but that's pushing it.
Hunterbuild answered on March 15, 2016

The cigarette type plug will not hold enough power supply. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

What is the efficiency rating?

The conversion efficiency is 90%. Further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Do i need anything more than a deep cycle battery to use this safely in my truck bed? Will i run into any issues having two deep cycle 12v batteries?

Should work ok. I have it hooked to 3 12v non- maintenance free batteries and it runs a small fridge. Need a way to keep your batteries charged though & be sure they are hooked up parallel and not in series. Good manual shows how to do it.
Kindle Customer answered on January 21, 2016

They recommend a breaker on the negative from the inverter to the battery, but I didn't use one. I'm only using it for a fridge, so I'm willing to risk it. I don't envision it overheating. If your using it with tools, probably ought to install one. Saves on replacing expensive tools and fire potential. Recommended amperage is in the manual.
Kindle Customer answered on January 22, 2016

Does this unit come with an adapter so that I could plug it into my cars cigarette lighter?

The 1000 watt one does not. Any 1000 watt inverter draws to much amps for a cigarette lighter.
Denny answered on January 17, 2016

No it doesn't. It is meant to connect to a car battery. They don't supply a fuse to put inline on the positive cable. None of the inverters come with that. This one did come with a handy switch which I use and cables to the battery which I didn't use. It is a good product so far. Once I caused it to shut down because I asked it to doc too much, but it reset soon after like it said it would.
Herman B. answered on January 17, 2016

do i have to use a charge if i got this inverter?

Yes, the inverter turns your DC to AC. In other words it turns you battery power that is DC current into AC power like what you would use in your house. The batteries will need to be charged by a charger or solar panels or a wind turbine. I hope this helps.
Sandy L Williams answered on January 12, 2016

Hmmm. Your batteries need to be charged somehow in order for the inverter to change the DC into AC, so I guess that would be a "Yes." Hope that helps.
prm answered on January 9, 2016 

Do you know the operating temperature range? I am looking for something that will work at -30 to -40 C

No it will not work for -30 to -40 C. The normal air temperature should be between 32°F and 104°F (0°C and 40°C).

working temperature 32- 104F, won't work for you!
Nealw answered on January 5, 2016

32 to 104 degrees F (0 to 40 degrees centigrade)
RG Saran answered on January 3, 2016

Does fan stay on even without load, and can you run this 24/7?

It can run 24/7 if you have enough batteries to run it. The fan does not stay on unless temperature increases when there is no load. The fan will shut off once temperature decreases, "Normal air temperature should be between 32°F and 104°F (0°C and 40°C) -the cooler the better."

Mine runs 24/7 and the fan only run when the temperature gets to a set limits
steven hamilton answered on December 24, 2015

The fan does not stay on all the time and not at all if in idle mode unless I have my vehicle heater on, which is where it is installed. I would think so for 24/7 although I haven't used it as such. Good luck
Gopherm16 answered on December 23, 2015

What is the no-load power consumption?

When the inverter has a low input voltage shutdown protection, you need to reopen it manually .

what size circuit breaker & fused disconnect do I buy to go with my 1000w inverter and where is a good place to buy them in person? Thanks.

This inverter uses a 150 amp fuse. This should be available at your local RV or Marine part store.

Is there a warranty with rhis product? If yes, please explain rhe details.

There is a 1 year warranty. If within the 1 year the power inverter has a defect and needs to be replaced, it would need to be sent back for a replacement. It would only be replaced if it is declared defective after being tested by our technicians. If further questions, don't hesitate to ask or contact our customer support for further assistance.

For how long can I watch TV

Sorry I can't answer this due to the fact that my husband passed away and he had solar hooked up to the camper. I do know that he ran the TV all night and had it off during the day
dale answered on November 16, 2017

this is on grid inverter, the AC output need to hooke your home grid. it can't run your TV directrly

As long as you want. It has to be tied to the grid.
Hap Hatch answered on November 17, 2017

Does it have to be mounted flat or can it be on it's side?

hello, usually the teminals is hot because there are about 15-20amps current. please help to turn the teminal tight, sometimes the panel's teminals has bad connection with the inverter's, so it become hot because the large amps. it will be better if you turn tight.

Can i run this off of 2-125 ah 12v batteries that are charged continually using hydro and a alternator?

 this is on grid inverter, for AC side, it need to connect with your home grid, can't run the device or charge the battery directly. if you want to run or charge batteries, sorry, it can't.
for DC side, it can hook with solar panel, wind turbine, batteries, but for the DC input loading voltage, it should within the inerter's DC range, DC11-28v, and the best input voltage is 18-24v(mppt voltage)

Can you hook up solar panels and wind turbine, through the charge controller into the grid tie inverter? or is directly from the solar panels and win

Most "Grid-tie" inverters like this are intended to take power directly from solar panels and convert it to the houses "grid" power to reduce your power bill. They typically shouldn't involve a "charge controller" and batteries since you want to keep batteries fully charged, but this is looking to take all the power it can constantly (assuming it's getting the power directly from panels). This is intended to detect loss of power from the panels when clouds come over etc and reduce the output (or shut down) as needed, but if batteries have power to give this will keep taking it until they are drained constantly.
As far as wind systems go, they are a bit different. Solar units are easy since you can simply shut down power use any time needed and there isn't any issues, but with wind units if you stop using all power the windmill may double it's speed and almost start "running away". Therefore many if those systems must have a "diversion load" where any time you stop using power (for charging batteries or such), you must instantly send the power to something else (even if it's just heating elements to literally "burn" the power). These inverters won't do that "diversion" load control, so doing such requires different components (leading back to the issues like charging batteries, but you don't want these draining them when you don't have power supplied, so how can this know when to take power versus stop using it?) So those are the hard issues to overcome with wind systems.
Thomas H. Lawler answered on June 12, 2017

well im not shore because mine isnt working an hasnt at all
Abe G. Skeen answered on April 18, 2017

if the solar panel and solar panel's voltage is not same, it can't hook in series. for example, 1pc solar panel vmp is 18.7v, another solar panel vmp is 24v, when you hook them in series, the solar panel(low voltage device) will be restricted by high voltage solar panel. and it can't hook in parallel too. so if you use solar panel and wind turbine in series or in parallel, we don't think it is ok, because solar panel and wind turbine's vmp and voc all are different, we are afraid one of device will be burned because of the different specification.

Did you guys have to talk to your utility before installing?

No I did not. Solar inverter was easy to hook up wires to inverter and plug it in outlet. You can tie into breaker but a outlet works great. The outlet you pick, use only for inverter so won't damage it. But very simple to hook up. Much easier to hook up than a wind turbine inverter.
Carl nagel answered on April 8, 2017

No this unit plugs directly into an outlet, there is no wiring required into your utility panel or anything else permanent so the inspector and/or utility do not need to be involved. You could definetly turn your meter backwards a bit if you are not careful but realistically the output of one of these inverters is so low that you will probably use it up long before it makes it all the way back to the grid.
nitzubishi answered on May 9, 2017 

What is the efficiency of the inverter?

the efficiency is about 85% when it turn on, and after working some hours, the inverter's temperature is hot, it become to 80%. means that if your panel give inverter 500w real power, then the inverter can run 400w at least.

Can I connect this to my battery bank, or do I need to connect to solar panels to feed the grid?

Yeah, you can connect to a battery bank. That what happend with me , that I already have a solar panel of 33 volt , and the inverter of 18volt- 28 volt and it doesnt work directly to the solar panel because the obviuos solar panel go over the volt range. So I put it directly to bank in the 24 volt configuration. Later by the regulator with the same 24volt configuration, and work better in my case.
You can do the same 24volt bank arrangement, or 48 volt also fit in the inverter range that your are asking.
Carlos answered on January 7, 2017

Hi, This is a very difficult question because the Solinba Units I received were both defective. The one that actually ran never put out over 340 Watts no matter what input. The 500 Watt rating turns out to be Input Power. If more is put in, like a battery, the Unit overheats and stops. There is no Input Power Limiter. The second unit had no output out of the box. The Factory never disputed the problems. The only Grid Tie Inverters that run great at a low price were Solarepic. Never any problems with three verified purchases. Nobody gave me anything to test this stuff. The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety tested my system, with Solarepic Units and Passed me. I got a Net Meter from the LADWP ( without a contractor ). Grid Tie Units must shut off if the Grid Stops. That is the Island Function. It really sounds like you need a full Sine Wave Inverter ( they are much more expensive for the same rating ). Grid Tie Systems here in LA are forbidden by Law from having Batteries for Safety Reasons.
Please note,,, these units are Grid Tie. They will not turn on at all without sensing an Active Power Grid. These are not stand alone Inverters. I have used a True Sine Wave Inverter to Fool the Grid Tie into working Off Grid but it is tricky.
Henry answered on January 7, 2017

hello, thank for your inquiry.
you are asking a DC22-56V inverter, the inverter can work when DC voltage is 22-56v, but because the inverter has MPPT function, the best working voltage is 36-48v, at this voltage, the inverter can run the highest output.
so it is ok if you connect batteies, solar panel and wind turbine. but please confirm the DC input loading voltage within the DC36-48v when you use batteries, means if you use 12v batteries, please use 3 or 4 pcs in series, thanks.
solar2015 answered on January 7, 2017

I hooked mine straight to the panels and not connected to the batteries. That is how the instructions tell you to do it. I think it would be bad to hook it to the batteries, since it would drain your batteries when the panels are not producing power.
Len Olsen answered on January 7, 2017

Your battery bank would need to be large enough to hold up though the night or they would go dead each night. But you have the last word in what you do . so make wise decidtion. I would google it. But thats up to you.
James T. Sweeney answered on January 8, 2017

Can the input be a constant 12V DC source instead of solar panels, such as a battery?

first, you are asking a DC22-56v inverter, the dc input voltage should be DC22-56v(the best working voltage is DC37-44v), if you want to use batteries, you may need 3pcs or 4pcs in series, then the voltage will be added and it is within our DC range.
if you want to use DC11-28v inverter, you can use 2pcs battery in series. 1pc battery can work too, because 12v is within DC11-28v range, but it can't run the best output because it is not the mppt voltage.

can this connect to solar panel buss bar that also runs to an off grid inverter to power separate line for when grid is down?

this is on grid inverter, it can't work as an off grid inverter, means it can't work when the home grid is off.

What is the minimum current input required to make this work

one 12v 4.5Amp 100Watt panel will activate it but I would recommend six 12v 4.5 Amp 100Watt panels
ProFss answered on July 26, 2016

It will work once it has current, there is no mini value, but the input voltage should be within the DC range, then it will work properly. if the current is small, the inverter will produce more lower power.
but it has a max value, the max amps is 30a.

It seems to put out about 20-25 watts when it first kicks on, this translates to just over one amp assuming you are running it at the minimum voltage (22vdc) Of course there are several variables and this is by no means a scientific estimate
nitzubishi answered on July 27, 2016

Do these provide energy to the entire house, or just the circuit to which it is feeding?

This will backfeed into the phase to which it is connected. This means that the energy output will flow from the inverter into the outlet it is plugged into, then to any loads connected to that outlet and the Associated circuit breaker. If there is any energy left it will then flow through the buss in your main breaker panel to the other circuits connected to that phase. If there's still more energy left after that then it will backfeed to your meter. Keep in mind that there will still be energy consumed by the other phase so the meter will not necessarily spin backward.
nitzubishi answered on May 20, 2016

thank for your inquiry. this inverter is a grid tie inverter, it can work when you connect your home grid, otherwise it can't. means the inverter can produce the power and feed your home grid. then you can get the power from the home grid.

yes, part of your opinion are right. that's why the inverter need the island protection function, of course our inverter has island protection function, the problem you said will not happened when the inverter has this function.

It is a piece of junk. It lasted one month and then it did not work any more. Every breaker that you have on the one circuit in the panel will receive 110 volts. You will only get around two hundred watts out of it.
Amazon Customer answered on May 19, 2016

I can use it for Wind Turbine Generator?

this unit better for solar panels, but if the wind turbine's voltage in this inverter's working voltage ( 11v-28v), inverter can work with the wind turbine system, just the efficiency will be slightly lower than working with solar panels.

it is ok for wind turbine although it was designed for solar panel. but just for a reminder, please ensure the DC input voltage within the inverter's DC range. 

Is the ground connection on this unit the same as the battery or on the other side by the 110v outlets?

They are on side by 110v outlets.
There are two ground locations,one is for earth ground or chassis,the other is 120v ground
Robert Conley answered on November 14, 2017

How loud is it?

So far I have not heard the fan turn on. It is not in our living space but every time I check on it it is completely silent. I have the 3000W model and I've been very happy with it for the last 3 months. Works great.
By The Doctor on October 19, 2017

Does this inverter have an AC Direct connect terminal?

No, the new model does not have an AC Direct connect terminal.

After a low battery shutdown, will this unit automatically restore power once the batteries are recharged without user intervention?

Not with this unit (pwri100012s) however with this unit picoglf10w12v120v after low voltage shut off the inverter will restore operation after the battery recovers to 13 volts. Here is a link to the manual

That i dont know. I haven't had mine that low. But I would say no. I have only had it about a month. But i do like it. When i get another deepcycle batt I will put it to a more harder test. I will push the envlope so to say..
Doug D answered on December 12, 2014

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