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Pooxtra Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 2000W 4 AC Outlets 12V DC to 110V 120V AC True Sine Wave Car Inverter with Dual USB Ports and Remote Control (Surge 4000W)

Model No. PXA2000PSW
Countries Available :  ☑ USA   ☑ Canada  ☑ Mexico  ☑ Puerto Rico  ☑ Panama  ☑ Cuba  ☑ Brazil (120v)

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Pooxtra Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 2000W 4 AC Outlets 12V DC to 110V 120V AC True Sine Wave Car Inverter with Dual USB Ports and Remote Control (Surge 4000W)
Pooxtra Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 2000W 4 AC Outlets 12V DC to 110V 120V AC True Sine Wave Car Inverter with Dual USB Ports and Remote Control (Surge 4000W)Pooxtra Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 2000W 4 AC Outlets 12V DC to 110V 120V AC True Sine Wave Car Inverter with Dual USB Ports and Remote Control (Surge 4000W)Pooxtra Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 2000W 4 AC Outlets 12V DC to 110V 120V AC True Sine Wave Car Inverter with Dual USB Ports and Remote Control (Surge 4000W)Pooxtra Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 2000W 4 AC Outlets 12V DC to 110V 120V AC True Sine Wave Car Inverter with Dual USB Ports and Remote Control (Surge 4000W)Pooxtra Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 2000W 4 AC Outlets 12V DC to 110V 120V AC True Sine Wave Car Inverter with Dual USB Ports and Remote Control (Surge 4000W)Pooxtra Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 2000W 4 AC Outlets 12V DC to 110V 120V AC True Sine Wave Car Inverter with Dual USB Ports and Remote Control (Surge 4000W)Pooxtra Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 2000W 4 AC Outlets 12V DC to 110V 120V AC True Sine Wave Car Inverter with Dual USB Ports and Remote Control (Surge 4000W)
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  • Pure sine wave/True sine wave inverter

  • 2000W continuous/4000W surge

  • DC Input: 12V / AC Output :120V

  • Frequency : 60Hz

  • 4 AC receptacles (US standard)

  • Dual USB ports (4.2A)

  • MCU LED display 

  • Wired remote control (9.8ft in length)

  • 6AWG, 40.9in Battery cables*4

  • 16AWG, 40.5in Ground cable

  • User manual (English/Español) 

  • Color box packing


  • Converts DC 12V to AC 110V 120V household wall power with continuous 2000 Watts output ( 4000Watts surge capability), features with 4 AC receptacles, dual 4.2A USB ports and a wired remote control (9.8ft in length) .

  • Delivers ultra-clean Pure Sine Wave output that is identical to AC power supplied by your utility ,improves AC equipment performance, ideal for Televisions,Audio Systems, Variable Speed Tools, Laser Printers, Laptops, CPAP ,and more.

  • Uses MCU (Microprogrammed Control Unit) as data process with bulit-in intellectualized LED display(mounted on the top cover) for monitoring actual working status of Pooxtra car power inverter. 

  • Soft start and L.T.I technology, with both load controlled and temperature controlled coolers (switch on immediately by connecting the AC loads which are over 1000W or run only when the internal temperature of inverter gets to 50℃ if the loads are less than 1000W .)

  • Protection features: over temperature shutdown and automatic overload protection , over voltage and under voltage protection , less voltage audible alarm ,short circuit protection , AC ground terminal, new design DC terminals offer high current DC input (hooked securely) .

  • What you get : 1xGiftbox , 1x2000W Pure Sine Inverter, 1xUser Manual, 1xRemote Control, 2 Sets of Battery Cables(2xRed,2xBlack),1xGND Ground Wire, 1xDC Terminal Wrench & Screws.

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☑ Output power(continuous): 2000W
☑ Maximum Active Surge Rating (less than 1sec) :4000W
☑ Maximum AC current for each receptacle :15 Amps
☑ AC output voltage (at no load) :120 VAC +/-3V
☑ Output frequency: 60Hz +/-1Hz
☑ Output waveform: True/Pure sine wave (<3% THD)
☑ Conversion efficiency : ≥86% (12V DC) / ≥89% (24V DC)
☑ No load current draw (DC side) <0.6 Amps

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Can I connect the output of this unit to the input of the AC breaker? Basically I want to run all the outlets in my fifth wheel off of this inverter

Yes, but you should seek help from an electrician to be sure the wiring is done properly.

By N. S. on September 11, 2017

Will this run a 6000 btu ac?

Yes and No. This inverter has capability to run an A/C unit of that size but the problem you will run into is supplying enough power to the inverter. A 6000 BTU A/C unit will draw around 12 amps depending on which one you use and this is inverter will supply 15 amp at full load. But at that load it will drain batteries down fast. You will need ample supply of reserve capacity and a way to keep the batteries charged. 

Jaramy Kaufman answered on August 18, 2017 

It should, I ran a 10000 BTU off a 1500 watt pure sine inverter which used about 1400 watts with the compressor running but it takes a massive amount of batteries to power and currently I only have 400AH @ 24V so was not a good option. 

Robert M. answered on August 19, 2017

Does this automatically turn into a battery charger when my back-up generator come on? What charge output?

No. It's just a inverter. You need to look for a inverter/chargerBy Henry C on June 13, 2017

Is 2000W enough to run a coffee pot?

Thats enough power to run a coffee pot and then some. If the pot is 110w and something else is the same. Just times 2 and add 50% for peaks and spikes. Should give you an idea.

I want to install this in my travel trailer. Can you connect it to the distribution panel? If so, is the wiring included?

You can install inverter to one breaker coming from your panel. Inverter has a input and output, circuit leaves panel and goes into inverter and the leaves the output to the plugs or whatever your powering. I don't recommend anything good higher then a 15 amp circuit. You must consider the inrush current. No wires are supplied except for the remote control pad 
Henry C answered on March 31, 2017 

Yes, I split out three 15A breakers into a sub panel which this inverter provides power for. When connected to shore power the internal switch bypasses the inverter and passes shore AC to the sub panel. When shore power is disconnected the inverter automatically starts to convert 12v to AC and powers the subpanel. 
Amazon Customer answered on October 18, 2017 

 This unit puts out 2000 watts which will nicely power a 15 amp circuit. My camper had circ 
Cal answered on March 31, 2017

Will this inverter run a laser printer like the brother L6200wd?

It might,its pure sine wave inverter. I have used it to power a copier,battery chargers,laptops,game systems etc 

anthony mwangi answered on October 29, 2017 

Yes, but you might want to get a line conditioner to put between the inverter and the printer 

Friar answered on October 29, 2017 

A L6200dw uses about 670 watts when running, so as long as you have a sufficiently large battery bank(>200ah), it should work just fine. 

Chris answered on October 29, 2017 

As long as the inverter is less than 3,000 watts, make sure your start up draw is less than 3,000 watts also or 25.5 amps. 

How loud is it?

So far I have not heard the fan turn on. It is not in our living space but every time I check on it it is completely silent. I have the 3000W model and I've been very happy with it for the last 3 months. Works great. 
By The Doctor on October 19, 2017

Can this run a deep freeze from a bus?

Do you mean a freezer? If yes, please tell me the watts of your freezer. Normally, this inverter can run a freezer which is below 200w. Thanks!

does this unit works without a grid

does this unit works without a grid

How does this unit work ?

Connect the batteries(12v) on the DC side. Red is (+) Black is (-) Plug in whatever it is that you are going to use and then turn on the unit. When the battery voltage falls below 10.5 volts a low alarm will sound. Time to recharge the batteries.
Amazon Customer answered on September 5, 2017 

The inverter should be connected with the batteries, it will transfer dc power to ac power to run your appliances. If need any detail information please contact with me by amazon messages. Thanks!

Can this solar inverter work 24 hours 7 days a week?

Yes, it's great! We have used it with out solar set up for a small house for over a year with no issues. 
Emily answered on August 28, 2017 

 Hi, thank you for your question. Yes, only if there is no overload, it can work 24 hours 7 days a week. Thanks! 

Yes it has been on since I bought it, for over a year 
Leonard M Antonio answered on August 29, 2017

Can this be mounted on its side

Yes. I had mine mounted on it's side under my bunk in my semi for several months with no problems. 

joe answered on November 11, 2017

Yes. It can be mounted in any orientation. 

Amazon Customer answered on November 12, 2017

what size cables?

The cables that come with it are not nearly big enough... I also use some 4 gauge battery cables and I had some problems with the inverter shutting off when I used my microwave. So, I had some double-ought (00) welding cables made up and I have not had a problem since except when my laser printer starts for the first time with my microwave running. And Laser Printers are a power hog when you first turn them on! FYI, my inverter is about 8 feet away from my batteries. 
By Amazon Customer on September 30, 2017

Can this be used with a car battery to power a house as emergency generator? Not the whole house continuously, but fridge, portable AC and other items

Go with the 3000w version, you will need quite a bit of battery and solar to power all that. 
By Amazon Customer on September 19, 2017

Will this drain the battery if left on but with nothing plugged in?

Yes eventually it would kill the battery. If you don't have an external charge like solar electric, but might take a few days. 
Amazon Customer answered on September 19, 2017 

Yes, if the inverter is on, there is a slight draw that will eventually drain the battery. The more load on the inverter, the quicker the drain. 
Andy Franke answered on September 24, 2017 

I have not ran the inverter for a long period of time. There are cooling fans that come on when the inverter reaches a predetermined internal temperature. So, it will run down the battery if the inverter is left on. 
Donald E Brown Jr answered on September 20, 2017

Will this unit safely power two cpap machines

I don't know how much power a cpap machine requires, but I would certainly think so. This is a beast. I can power my 1600 watt microwave as long as I can supply it with enough battery. For my microwave it pulls about 175 amps at 12 volts. 
J. Krutsch answered on September 5, 2017 

Depends on the watts of the machines..... 
Nick answered on September 6, 2017 

Yes, ensure you have enough charge in your batteries though since you use the cpap for about 8 hours 
Cometax answered on September 6, 2017

I am looking for a inverter to run a flat screen for tailgating. how long can i expect my tv to run if i purchase this and what battery would i need?

This is a much bigger inverter than you need for a TV. I can run an air compressor off of this. If you like having lots of extra capacity, this inverter will run your system all day if you connect it to a vehicle with the engine idling. If you run it from a deep cycle battery, it all depends on how big of battery and how much power your TV requires. Nobody can give an accurate estimate without those numbers, but I would guess somewhere between 1 to 5 hours would be reasonable. 

Well if you go with a deep cycle maybe 2 days 

jeb stewart answered on September 14, 2017

TV now are different - LCD or plasma? Bigger screen means more power consumption. Batteries should be deep cycle marine battery with 1000/1200 cranking amps, but more cranking amps means longer charging, less - shorter supply hrs. Cables from battery to inverter - the shorter the better: less voltage dropping. No longer 3" with 2GA wires. You can use welding cables from Harbor Freight, I got mine from Marine supply, but it's pricey there. Better to use extension cord to power your TV and others 110 V appliances. To control battery voltage buy digital voltmeter - cheap $3-5 at Amazon and connect directly to battery "+", "-" accordingly. Don't let battery voltage drop below 10.5 V. You definitely need pure sine wave inverter to power sensitive electronics like modern TVs, comps, laser printers e.t.c.

From my quick calculations you can easy run 24" LCD TV for 3-4 hrs straight, but keep in your mind that you very probably have to power satellite receiver, cable box or something else. Just look at your voltmeter shows. The rest - on you!

Vladimir Grishin answered on August 28, 2017 

TV run time will be based on battery capacity as well as how much draw the tv pulls out of battery while operating. This particular model is more than capable of running a tv continuously. Determine how much power you need to operate tv over a given period, then search for a battery that can store that kind of load.

DK answered on August 28, 2017

Running any electronics off an inverter can have an affect on the electronic in some way. I own this unit and it caused my LED screen to humm or flicker. It is suppose to be PSW but I question that it is. As to tailgating with this unit, it's kind of over kill. I would try and find an smaller inverter these guys are huge. As for battery life using the inverter, it can eat the battery up in no time. Maybe look into a small portable gen. They are so cheap these days. Allot cheaper than inverters. And they last allot longer. They're more useful as you don't have to pull it out connect it to a battery and hope it doesn't drain your battery. Nope, for tailgating I sujestion a gen. These big inverters are more for the off grid crowed. Not really for sport and play. I hope this helps.

scott wyant answered on August 28, 2017

Can you use this model on a rv with solar panel and battery bank? is there any different between110 and 120 v? can I plug a 2.5 cf refrigerator?

First off if the fridge is you biggest concern, 110 vs 120 is not an issue. This puts out a steady 119-120.3 for me under load. As with any machinery calculate your needs via load x .75. Leaving a 25% margin will make your use of this or an f250 super duty pickup.....This and the 3000w version have worked flawless for me day in /day out for almost a year...don't expect to run it at max capacity and last a significant amount of time. For the money, can't beat this one!
Brian L. Cash answered on July 30, 2017

You can use it with solar panels and battery bank. You have to make sure that you have the proper amps of panels, and Ah of batteries to run it at night.. Mine runs a 5000 BTU window Ac unit no problems...
Nick answered on July 29, 2017

Yes. As long as you are within the input voltage range of 11 - 16 volts. No difference between the 110 /120. And assuming the refrigerator is within the acceptable output voltage. Max output per outlet is about 1600 watts.

Will this inverter run My 2 window ac units one with 590watt and the onther one 740 and how many baterry i need

1330 watts is a bit below the 2000 watts so the time the phase is the same on turn on should not be an issue. Otherwise you will not have a single cycle peak that would trip the breaker. Batteries are rated in amp. hours so how long do you want to run the air conditioners and how are you going to recharge the batteries? The inverter will drop out at around 10.5 volts so the heavier to load and the longer and bigger the cables between the battery (s) and the inverter will determine the time. 
Amazon Customer answered on July 28, 2017

Ran fine all day, at night the alarm started going off my battery bank is still at over 50% what's going on?

Need some more info... When U say Ur battery bank is at 50%, what do U mean? What tests have U run? What voltage are U getting across the bank? How many batteries are in Ur bank? 12v or 6v? 
By Amazon Customer on July 27, 2017

How long will this run continuously?

Until the batteries drop to 10.5 V - it depends on how much power your drawing and how many batteries you have.

Since this is a puresine and not modified, does that mean its safe to use with laptops and smartphones? Ive had bad experiences with modified ones.

Yes it is safe. Been running my computer, charging cell phones, wifi, refrigerator and flat screen tv on it for the last few months. 
Amazon Customer answered on July 12, 2017 

Yes. This will power anything that requires clean power. In fact, the power from this is probably cleaner than the power coming from your utility company.
Ron Hansen answered on July 12, 2017 

Yes it is. Also, laser printers, microwaves, TVs and other sensitive electronics. My TV no longer hums or buzzes and my microwave takes less time to heat up food or water. My new laser printer would not even work on the modified SW inverter I used before.
Amazon Customer answered on July 12, 2017

Will it run a small ac? Like 500 watts

If it is 500 watts it should. But, that is a really small ac. 
kc answered on July 3, 2017

what fuses and fuse box does this inverter need? Thanks

A 2000W inverter generally needs a 200A fuse and the cabling needs to safely carry this current---so be sure it is at least 1 AWG.
Doug Maus answered on June 26, 2017

Would this inverter be able to run a Colman Lay Z spa?

1440 watts yes the inverter is 2000 watts capable but only for about 15 minutes with 1 100 amp hour battery due to the fact the inverter will pull about 150 dc amps from the battery while the pump is on. So that is about 160 bucks per 15 minutes to run. You sure you wanna do that? But wait there is more the time will increase the more batteries you get but not just by 15 minutes 2 batteries doing load share would be 75 amp per battery and so on.. So if you really wanna do that then ok just trial and error to figure out how many batteries you need and not draining the batteries down past 11.9 volts if you want to keep them for several years if not then ok drain them waaaaaayy down and toss them in the garbage in 3 to 6 months. Just ask my dad he learned that the hard way. 4 batteries 160 each dead in 6 months and now have the capacity of a oh say 15 amp hour battery totally useless.

By StevenWR on June 18, 2017

Can I power this inverter off my truck battery

You could but you will have to mount it close to the battery and use thick cables like jump cables. Be sure not to kill your battery.

Rick Mercier answered on April 8, 2017

yea but not for very long at full power (2000 watts) even with it running and charging unless you get 2 or 3 alternators all helping

Michele B. answered on April 8, 2017 

Yes any 12v battery can be used. The more amh the longer the run time. At max out put will run a typical battery dry in under 30 min.

Jon Harman answered on April 10, 2017

Thinking of purchasing this inverter to power a California 1hp air compressor that requires 120volts and 8.5 amps to start and run. Will this work?

Depends on the size of the D.C. Cable. Mine is #2 and 8 amps is the max it will do.

mike conway answered on April 8, 2017

Yes. Assuming you have good enough batteries.

Cometax answered on April 8, 2017

Depends on how many watts the compressor uses for start up. Mine wont run my 15 gallon compressor. Remember cables as thick as possible and as short as possible

Nick answered on April 8, 2017

Have a 200 amp alternator on 2015 calc says it will run camper 11000btu ac ??

I got one in Dec of 16; Buy it its great! You will not be sorry. I have a ac 120 v 20 anp fridge on one and when it comes on my volt meter only only drop's. 2 volts. Than will come back up right away.

Amazon Customer answered on March 28, 2017

Will this inverter power a 1 hp California air compressor requiring 8.5 amp draw?

Yes. Shouldnt be a problem. Thats less than 1100 watts

Cometax answered on March 17, 2017

I've put it through its paces. Pretty stout little inverter for the doe! Should work but as kc said hoe long depends on your batteries.

Jimmy hughes answered on March 18, 2017 

Only drawing about 50% of rated capacity, it should do the trick...depending on startup draw and duration of the start up. The quick answer is it should. This is a very capable inverter. However the rated surge is of a very short. duration.

Brian L. Cash answered on March 17, 2017

It should as long as your battery bank is large enough. The compressor will draw down your batteries very quickly

kc answered on March 17, 2017

I haven't installed this yet but would like to know which way the fans move the air. Do they pull air out, or push air into the unit to cool it?

Out of the unit

J. Krutsch answered on March 9, 2017

Both. Air is Sucked in thru the bottom of the unit and out thru the back.

Amazon Customer answered on March 9, 2017

Can this invertor run a induction cook top

Depends on total watts but I would think so. I've had this inverter running my entire house for the past year. It runs 2 refrigerators, lights, tv, satellite, internet, iron, rice cooker......the only time it had any issues was if both compressors for the refrigerators came on at the same time...the initial surge power sometimes peaked too high
Daniel S. answered on March 3, 2017

I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't be able to do so.
Cometax answered on March 2, 2017

The Appliance being used should fall within the ratings of the inverter. So considering this one is rated for 2kw and using the 85% rule of thumb this should handle 1700w without issue. I now have 2 of these and have stress tested them for almost a year with no major issues. Much better choice than a modified sine wave inverter. Always refer to the appliance manual.
Brian L. Cash answered on March 2, 2017

Is it nec to attach a green chasis wire to this unit, and should I have an inline fuse block?

Recommended to ground unit, but if in a vehicle the body is a ground. Always put a fuse near power source. Closer the better . I use my inverter to power various equipment, in trucks l.e. Freezers, anything 120v, that needs an outlet.

cloud b. pawtowski answered on February 11, 2017 

I used a inline fuse. I can't remember if a connected the ground wire or not.

Amazon Customer answered on February 10, 2017

Yes recommend the ground and definitely need the fuse

margarita answered on February 11, 2017

Yes and yes you need a 50 amp fuse from Battery to inverter

Amazon Customer answered on February 11, 2017

What size cable do I need if my battery bank is 30' from this invert er?

While we strongly urge you to keep cable length under 10 ', if you must go 30' would recommend 000 gauge with 225 amp fuse located near battery. for reference see purkeys inverter wire gauge chart on internet. seems to be good source for long run recommendations.

I don't know, but it would have to be huge for that distance, perhaps a commercial size copper bus bar. You can find some info here.

J. Krutsch answered on February 6, 2017

Depending on what all you want to use on it.. Mainly the thicker = the better...2 guage if you can get it.

Nick answered on February 6, 2017 

Listen to the seller.. you are asking for serious issues pulling that much DC amperage over that kind of distance! The reason we use ac power in homes is because you can extend the length of ac current circuit (think extension cord) way more easily than a DC circuit.

Victor D answered on February 10, 2017

Can it charge batteries

If u mean to charge cordless tool batteries then yes, i use mine to charge 8 18v batteries at once

Sparky answered on February 1, 2017

Why does my digital test meter show reverse polarity on ac output?

Your test meter is high, AC power in the US changes polarity 60 times a second and this inverter uses a half waveform on each side of the AC output to create the 123 volts I see across the output (like 220 is created with 2, 110 volt lines in oposite phase of each other)

By Michele B. on April 8, 2017

How many amps should my car alternator produce to use this continuously? (2000w cont/4000w peak model)

If you are running 2000 watts at 95% efficiency, this will pull around 175 amps at 12 volts. input Amps = output watts/input volts (at 100% efficiency)

Does this unit have a hard wire output terminals.

There isn't a hard wire output terminal. You'll have to use one of the 3 prong outlets.

By kc on January 8, 2017

I'm planning on using this inverter on my truck with a 45amp alt will it work?

It uses power from the battery. 2000w is a couple hundred amps at 12v so you better have a really good battery. Or 2 batteries would be better.
Shawn answered on January 5, 2017

i really can't help you there, i ordered this for a friend, sorry.
marcia manzo answered on January 3, 2017

whats the low voltage cut off suppose to be on this?

I am not sure I have not tested things like that yet.Accidentally took the batteries too low once but cut it too late to know anything.
Rick M. answered on December 30, 2016 

Mine doesn't shut off at low voltage, it will run my power supply totally dead with the inverter on and nothing plugged into it. I am not very impressed with that but it does work well when I have to open a garage door or something similar.
Austin answered on December 30, 2016

will this unit work for power tools ? e.g. circular saw ?

You will have to see how many watts the circular saw is.. It powered mine, But I also have a large battery bank, 12 batteries at 6 volts each for 1,290 Amp Hours
Nick answered on November 28, 2016

Any idea how long this unit would run using one 90 AH deep cycle battery under a Keurig coffee unit load and no battery charge ability.

your inverter wouldn't be the limiting factor; your battery is. It all depends on how much power your Keurig uses and how many minutes/hours you plan to use the unit.
kc answered on September 22, 2016

I would not try to use this inverter to run your Keurig. I have a 125 AH deep cycle batter and I bought this inverter because the Keurig pulls 1425 watts and it should be able to handle that. My keurig crashed the inverter the first two times I tried it. In addition, I had a tablet plugged directly into the usb ports. When I unplugged the cable it tripped the entire inverter as well. I had my DSL wireless router and laptop plugged into the regular outlets and I lost my network connection as well. It totally shut down the inverter. I haven't had time to contact the seller to find out if my unit is bad, or if the inverter is just an expensive pile of crap. It also sucked the battery charge down by over 50%.
Amazon Customer answered on September 22, 2016

Can i safetly hook this up to a 12v 35ah deep cycle battery?

Yes, but be aware that if you use the upper range of wattage for your equipment often (like a microwave or coffee maker) a 2000 watt inverter will drain a 35ah battery quickly. You may want a higher ah battery. If you use a TV or laptop that is low ah then you should be fine. If you never need to use 2000 watts then consider the PowerTech On 600 watt inverter instead. I use the 2000 watt inverter in my RV and use about 100ah per day to run everything. I have it mainly used on a AGM battery but have used it on a deep cycle marine battery as well.
Jason Sele answered on September 8, 2016

I don't see why not, make sure you use heavy enough connection wires. Depending on what you are going to run, you might want to use a bigger battery.
Leroy answered on September 8, 2016

would this be powerful enough to work with my 800 watt solar to 4 110 amp batteries for total of 420 amps at 12 volts to run everything in a rv

 No. This is rated for 2000 Watts. You'll need to see how much power each device consumes. For example, there is no way that this will power your air conditioner.
kc answered on August 22, 2016

I'm assuming you meant 440 ah. The way your question is presented I will answer it in the following way and hope that it will help. My set up is 460 ah or 5520 watts (12v x 460ah). If I were to (which is not recommended) use the inverters total 2000 watts continuously I would have over 2 hrs of straight use running the batteries dead. (2hrs x 2000 watts = 4000watts) Dependent on battery type it is not recommended to go beyond 50% of your batteries capacity. In my case that would be 2760 watts or a little over an hour of continuous use. You will be fine. If you want accurate and detailed information from the pros contact the folks at They have a great calculator online and tech support to help you further. The calculator will calculate your solar production and needs determining your ideal configuration. This product unlike some others that I have used is very efficient. The cooling fans come on automatically only when needed saving you battery power. It is also affordable compared with other pure sine inverters. Hope this helps and good luck.
yeah answered on August 19, 2016

Everything excluding A/C most likely. You really can't run A/C off batteries realistically.
Shawn answered on January 5, 2017

What size breaker do I use for this and how do I attach it to these odd, unmarked cables?

I am not sure which side you are worried about needing a breaker? The 12v side or the 120ac side. The unit comes with circuit protection.. Just hook it up and go!
Alan Becker answered on August 7, 2016

I use number 4 Carol and it's 30 amp fuse
Amazon Customer answered on August 6, 2016 

This is 2000w at 12v that's about 200Amps. Depending on your load you might pop a 200 but you should have something like a 0ga wire or larger. 4ga is only good for about 130amps
Shawn answered on January 5, 2017

Have used it 2-3 times on this trip and it seems to work fine. but, when the dual fans kick in, they are extremely loud. is that normal?

I don't believe it is. I have one and have been using it every camping trip and have never heard any noise from mine. Contact the company and ask for help.
Brian Mayes answered on August 2, 2016

It is not normal for the fan noise to be loud. All of our products come with a one year warranty starting from date of purchase. Please contact our customer support for further information.

What are the imput over voltage and under volage limits? I am trying to use this with 4 banks of li-ion bateries in series.

The input voltage range is 10~15VDC
The input under voltage activation is 10.5VDC
The input under voltage protection is 10VDC
The input over voltage protection is 15VDC

Is there a way to wire this into a breaker box so I can switch power from shore power to battery power in the same outlets?

You will have to buy a Automatic Transfer switch. When using the automatic transfer switch, you will only get 1500 Watts because it will pull power from one outlet only. We do not sell the automatic transfer switch, however you can purchase one at an RV Parts store. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

How much electrical noise interference does this inverter send out? Is this recommended for users of Shortwave & Ham radio?

mine is a pure sign wave unit which can serve lap tops smart phones with clean electricity.Be sure you purchase a pure sign wave unit
bobbyclyde answered on June 28, 2016

Do i need the fuse and fuse box? Although I ordered it, it won't be there when i leave home next.

No. Just make sure your cables are securely hooked to your batter(y)ies
Amazon Customer answered on June 27, 2016 

Yes, it's like driving without a seatbelt, probably won't matter, but if it is actually needed because a short occurs it saves everything with little reprecussions
Ken answered on February 9, 2017

You should have a fuse hooked up. While it will work without it, having one installed is much safer in the event something bad happens. Install one ASAP
Shawn answered on January 5, 2017

Are the fans loud?

Pretty quiet

J. Krutsch answered on June 27, 2016

The fans are not loud, like a desktop fan.

S Beatty answered on June 28, 2016

They are but almost never come except under extreme loads

Amazon Customer answered on June 27, 2016

Can the inverter be connected directly to a solar controler "load" terminal (assuming enough amps are available) in lieu of connecting to a battery?

Load terminal is not going to work, its good for lower amp 12 volt power, you need a battery bank. Stable power to the inverter, I use load for a 12 volt lighting circuit, led, low power fans, inverter for tools, small air. 500 watts of panels, 3 105 amp hour gel cells parallel in a work shed. You need to design a system.
Black hat. answered on June 7, 2016

Yes but endless u have of solar it will not pwr inverter well.
Gordon J. answered on June 7, 2016

What is the power consumption in idle, ie power turned on and no load attached? Does it have a sleep mode?

have not checked the no load but my guess would be just over one amp. No sleep mode. Fans are heat acivated and not load activated which make it more efficient as well. I used it over night on my solar set up before i took the one i bought to my dad and i was happy to see it worked so well and i actually had more power left over from over night then the normal actually about .2 volts more. Its worked just fine for my dad he is just getting started with going solar getting about 5 to 6 hours from watching an old old 27 inch tube type TV 60 watts with one light 19 watt cfl and random lights here and there if he goes to another room on a 80 amp hour NAPA battery.
StevenWR answered on April 27, 2016

The power consumption for the Pure Sine inverter are .5 - .9 amps turned on and no load. There is no sleep mode, when not in use, pleae turn the inverter off. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. 

who is running a refrigerator with one of these units in either the 1500 watt or the 2000 version

I got a deep freez and 2 smaller friges on..

By Michele B. on April 8, 2017

What kind of warranty comes with this? I can't find there website to find this information.

The Pure Sine inverter comes with a one year warranty. Please contact our customer support for further details.

Anyone put this on a scope and test it under a load to see if the power stays clean?

It's clean...Runs a recording studio here and no effects of dirty power have manifested themselves even with a deep freez on...

By Michele B. on April 8, 2017

How much power does it draw when there is no load on it? standby?

r is indicating .5 or .9 amps not 5 or 9 because they answer this for me on a 1500 watt model they sell I'm having trouble choosing which one 1500 watt or 2000 watt I want to run a refrigerator, I'm not sure which models best for that task any customers who bought this that happened to be running a refrigerator not a freezer,,,,a refrigerator that actually truly know something about what they're talking about concerning this any input from them would be greatly appreciated,,, please don't go simple-minded on me and tell me all it depends on the refrigerator in the amp and the Volts and the draw someone has tried to run a refrigerator on this en either work or it didn't and that's the input that I really interested in see less
William Ruby answered on April 11, 2016

5 to 9 amp for standby no load is a bit high it really should not be over 3 amp with that high of a standby for solar over night set up could really put a dent in battery voltage and make a diffrence of having to add more batteries to ofset the drain
StevenWR answered on March 30, 2016

The inverter draws .5-.9 amps when in standby mode. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

What is the conversion efficiency rating for this unit?

i have a Pooxtra 2000 watt inverter. is the cooling fan come on when the unit gets hot or when a certain amount of current is used ? .

According to the inverter's instruction manual, "Normal air temperature should be between 32°F and 104°F (0°C and 40°C)-the cooler the better". Therefore, the fan will turn on when it gets hot or reaches 104°F or above.

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